A scientific analysis of the backhand stroke in tennis

What makes the Djokovic backhand great?

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Performance Factors Related to the Different Tennis Backhand Groundstrokes: A Review

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The importance of shoulder movement to tennis

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Biomechanics and tennis

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Discussion I Have Dificulty in Changing from Backhand to Forehand In-Game (turkiyeninradyotelevizyonu.comennis) submitted 1 year ago by [deleted] When i have to switch side to hit the ball i like to change my grip, sometimes i dont, but i notice i perform the strokes better if i change it.

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its not a huge change. i just adjust my palm of my hand around the bat. Video analysis is one of the best ways to improve your strokes. Especially the serve, forehand and backhand.

Rick will view your videos and do an audio analysis and help parents, club players, coaches and pros from anywhere in the world with his proven techniques for the optimal stroke. A novel analysis of grip variations on the two-handed backhand, 62, Eng, D.

& Kovacs, M. (). Left-handedness in tennis: coaching and training considerations, 63, Name the best stroke, as opposed to the best one-off shot, of the first week of the Wimbledon championships and Murray's backhand would come first. Tennis Tips – Stroke Corrections And Technique Video Analysis 24 This section of tennis tips and technique corrections is based on the stroke analysis of the.

Tennis Analysis of pro tennis strokes have been used to learn and understand the pro tennis strokes of players in modern tennis. Using tennis video analysis, coaches and players alike are able to see the small differences in tennis technique that are present in the tennis strokes of players at the professional level.

A scientific analysis of the backhand stroke in tennis
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