An analysis of the character dorine in tartuffe a play by moliere

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Tartuffe Essays (Examples)

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What is an analysis of dorine's character in the play Tartuffe?

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Both Orgon and Madame Pernelle are crucial differences to make this play detective. Orgon, Damis, and even Dorine are interested, threatening Loyal with bodily urge. Jul 23,  · Moliere created the character Tartuffe, who lacks morality.

Moreover, Enlightenment thinkers believed that reason was the highest expression of the divine. Moliere's play does not reject religion, because religion played an important role in Enlightenment France. Tartuffe's reputation precedes him. His name is the title, and the characters of this play spend all their time talking about him – but he doesn't even show up in person until Act 3.

Characters: Tartuffe MADAME PERNELLE, Orgon’s mother, is totally deluded by Tartuffe until near the end of the play.


ORGON, husband of Elmire, son of Madame Pernelle, and father of Mariane and Damis, is the central character of the play and comes entirely under the influence of the hypocrite Tartuffe.

Read the monologue for the role of Dorine from the script for Tartuffe by Moliere. Dorine says: Her case is nothing, though, beside her son's! To see him, you would say he's ten times worse! His. Dorine is a stock character found in many of Molière's comedies and, in fact, has become a type found in comedies of all periods.

She is the wise servant who sees through all pretense, and while being the inferior, in terms of social position, she is the superior in any contest of wits.

Tartuffe Characters

In Tartuffe, written by Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Moliere, a man named Tartuffe fools Orgon, the wealthy head of the household. Orgon takes in Tartuffe and treats him as if he was of blood relation and is blinded by the façade he puts on of being a good, moral, and righteous man.

An analysis of the character dorine in tartuffe a play by moliere
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