Mass hysteria of the war of

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10 Incredibly Insane Cases Of Mass Hysteria

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"[T]he panic and mass hysteria so readily associated with 'The War of the Worlds' did not occur on anything approaching a nationwide dimension", American University media historian W. Joseph Campbell wrote in He quotes Robert E. Bartholomew, an authority on mass panic outbreaks, as having said that "there is a growing consensus.

On October 30th,the United States experienced mass hysteria--most pronounced on the east coast in New York and New Jersey--in response to a radio broadcast put on by Orson Welles and his Mercury Theater On The Air. Less than two months ago, Hawaii reinstated its Cold War-era nuclear warning sirens amid growing fears of an attack by North of the sirens were scheduled to be conducted on the first.

Decades after the First Lady’s address to the nation, “Just Say No” is best known as a punchline. It also became emblematic of her husband’s War on Drugs. Mass Hysteria. Do you remember the story of Henny Penny, also known as Chicken Little?

In this folktale, a chicken believes that the world is coming to an end and hysterically runs around shouting. The mass hysteria following Trump's meeting with Putin is likely to last for days.

Most are outraged.

Day-care sex-abuse hysteria

Few see the light.

Mass hysteria of the war of
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War of the Worlds: How Orson Welles Drew the Nation into a Shared IIlusion