The astronomy on mars

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Astronomy on Mars

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Conjunction (astronomy)

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Mars, the red planet

The most dramatic discovery by this spacecraft, which is still operating, was evidence of gullies apparently cut by surface water, as we will discuss later. These missions were followed in by the NASA Mars Odyssey orbiter, and the ESA Mars Express orbiter, both carrying high-resolution cameras.

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun. It is also the second nearest planet to the Earth and will probably be the first planet visited by humans.

It has an orbital period equal to Earth days and a rotational period equal to 24hrs 37mins and seconds. The largest canyon on Mars would stretch from New York City to Los Angeles on the Earth.

Astronomy on Mars

That makes the Grand Canyon look tiny. It also has the Solar System’s biggest volcano, Olympus Mons, which is nearly 3 times larger than Mount Everest.

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Vast lake of liquid water discovered on Mars

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Science & Astronomy

Read the latest news and articles about astronomy and space science. Plus, amazing photos of the night sky and dramatic imagery of cosmic phenomena.

A conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in the morning of 1 Maywhen, about an hour before sunrise, five of our Solar System's eight planets and the Moon could be seen from Cerro Paranal, Chile.

The astronomy on mars
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Hebrew Word of the Day - (astronomy) Mars - מַאְדִּים