The lascaux cave essay

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On Chomsky and the Two Cultures of Statistical Learning

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Prehistory and Prehistoric Art in Europe

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INTRODUCTION. SACRED or holy places are found in different cultures, past and present, all over the world. Such places are frequently marked or embellished by architectural structures and art. This website contains text and images which examine the nature of the sacred. The story is so improbable, so marvelous, that it feels more like the remnant of a dream, or a half-remembered myth, rather than something that unfolded within living memory.

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Lascaux cave paintings

Lascaux (French: Grotte de Lascaux, "Lascaux Cave"; English: / l æ s ˈ k oʊ /, French:) is the setting of a complex of caves near the village of Montignac, in the department of Dordogne in southwestern France.

The lascaux cave essay
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