The modeling of salt water intrusion essay

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Salt Water Intrusion

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To study the seawater intrusion the MT3DMS software was coupled with the transient MODFLOW and calibrated using the salt concentration in a group of EC monitoring wells near the coast for year The main components of the groundwater flow system are illustrated on Figure 2.

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Saltwater upconing beneath a well Several authors studied saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers, such as Huyakorn et al.() who presented a numerical model based on the sharp interface approach and taking into account the flow dynamics of saltwater and freshwater.

saltwater intrusion front further inland. In this paper, scenarios that suggest artificial recharge of fresh water are presented in order to raise the groundwater level and to create a groundwater flow towards the sea.

KEYWORDS: Saltwater intrusion phenomenon, water quality, groundwater simulation model, geophysical measurements, artificial recharge.

The modeling of salt water intrusion essay
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