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As you have red you can see that computers can and are more dangerous than guns. Cyber Crime Essay. Cyber-Bullying and Teen Suicide. In fact, many people have figured out how to use the computer to commit crime anonymously, and sometimes without the victim even knowing a crime has been committed.

The Threats of Cyber Crime How Cyber Crime is the Most Dangerous Crime and how it Affects our Society Today The Threats. The ranking is based on the prevalence of violence and terrorism, and not on petty crime.

The top five most dangerous countries are Nigeria, Pakistan, El Salvador, Yemen, and Colombia. Oct 26,  · WHITE-COLLAR CRIME essay White-collar crimes today account 42% of all crimes committed by using a computer (Akopyan, ).

Many experts expect the growth of this number.

Computer crime essay

White-collar crime is very dangerous. It causes great damage to society and country as a whole and, ultimately, each of us. Today, fight with this type of crime is of 4/5(2). CYBER CRIME INTRODUCTION The rapid growth of the internet and computer technology over the past few years has led to the growth in new forms of crime-dubbed cybercrime- throughout the on statistics on the various forms of cybercrime and other evidence which form of cybercrime pose the most serious threat to individuals and business?

Cybercrime Definition Cybercrime (Computer Crime) is defined as the use of a computer to commit crimes such as fraud, trafficking in child pornography, intellectual property, stealing Identities, or violating the privacy of others (Britannica).

The most dangerous computer crime essay
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Top Five Computer Crimes & How to Protect From Them