The role of constantines reign in the history of the christian church

Constantine the Great and Christianity

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What role did the Roman Emperor Constantine play in the formation of the Christian Church?

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Constantine: The Man and the Church

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#107: Constantine’s vision

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Constantine I

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Constantine funded church-building projects throughout his reign as a way to encourage Christianity’s growth. Churches were erected at, among other places, Rome, Trier, Nicomedia (Izmit, Turkey), Jerusalem, and Cirta (Constantine, Algeria) as either the direct or.

#107: Constantine’s vision

Christianity has long claimed Constantine as one of its own. Yet clear evidence for this is lacking. Even toward the end of his reign the emperor was open to new philosophical ideas: the pagan Sopater of Apamea had such influence on him that he was assassinated at the instigation of a Christian. Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America.

Constantine entered Rome the undisputed ruler of the West, the first Roman emperor with a cross in his diadem. Eusebius in his Church History recorded the Christian jubilation: "The whole. Controversial Constantine. the Great,” the first emperor of Rome to come out unambiguously on the side of the Christian church?

How significant were the so-called Edict of Milan and the. Constantine's reign as Roman emperor (A.D. ) dramatically changed the direction of Christianity, though in ways far different from those portrayed in The Da Vinci Code.

The role of constantines reign in the history of the christian church
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