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Utilizing state of the art digital printing, we produce product packaging. The Yellow River, also known as Huang He, is located in Northern Central China. It is the second longest river in China. It carries yellow sandy silt, called loess, which gives the river its name (Dramer,p.7).

It carries its rich yellow silt from Mongolia to the Pacific Ocean (Spielvogel,p).


We have often discussed how to address the subject of Yellow River in a manner that is sensitive to the victims of the accident, as well as the Platt family themselves. Following is my essay on the subject, and I intend it to be the primary resource available on this website regarding the accident.

High Bridge was an important railroad town for most of its history. In the picture you can see two tracks. The track nearest the station was the Raritan Branch of the CNJ, and it went to Easton and on into Pennsylvania as far as Wilkes-Barre.

The Chinese saw the Yellow River as a barrier to setting up communities in the area. Some scholars believe this is the origin of China’s imperial dynasties. The Yellow River valley civilization was the start to the many Chinese Empires. The need to control the rushing waters of the Yellow River is an often used explanation to the rise of Chinese civilization.

The yellow river essay
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