The young generation in germany


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The epic 3-part miniseries GENERATION WAR portrays WWII from a never-before-seen perspective, vividly depicting the lives of five young German friends forced to navigate the unconscionable moral compromises of life under Hitler.

Germany’s demographics: Young people wanted. Germany’s demographic challenge stems from its low birth rate. the market has little slack — and as the baby-boom generation retires, it. The Global Donor Platform for Rural Development is a network of 38 bilateral and multilateral development agencies, international financing institutions and intergovernmental organisations that joined forces to enhance donor policies and programmes for sustainable agriculture and rural transformation.

How has this generation been screwed? Let’s count the ways, starting with the economy. No generation has suffered more from the Great Recession than the young. When the quiet village of Ottenstein, in northern Germany, was faced with its school closing for lack of children, Manfred Weiner, its mayor, hit upon a novel way of attracting young families.

The young generation in germany
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